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Educating the next generation!

We take our education for granted, but in many parts of the world that is not something they do. Without help children lose hope and fall into a lifestyle of drugs, slavery, or prostitution.

Below are projects we have going to help as many as we can. Your partnership will help us to expand so many more can be helped.

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 South India (East) Tutoring Projects

In one location in South India along the East Coast we are tutoring 90 children in two separate locations on a daily basis. In addition with helping the children with their schoolwork, we also give them a nutritious snack. In this location we provide school supplies like pencils, erasers, and other learning materials to ensure each child has access to the tools they need to succeed in school. Each day the instructors help them with their homework, and help them with spoken English skills. This skill helps to prepare them to get and keep well paying jobs in the future. Learning the English language opens a whole world of opportunities for the children as they grow.

 Central India Formal School Project

At our project in Central India we are providing a fully-accredited English medium school.  We are currently educating 60 children from lower kindergarten to Grade 3. Next year as the school year begins we will add the Grade four level. This expansion will continue annually. This rural area has no other opportunities for impoverished children to have a good-quality English education.  We are grateful that half of the funding for this project comes from the Alberta Community Initiatives Program as an International Development Grant.

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 South India (West) Tutoring Projects


Also located in South India are two tutoring centers where we are providing help with homework and exams to children who cannot afford private tutoring. Approximately 80 children are served daily in this project. This location also provides specific classroom time devoted to studying and learning spoken English and basic computer skills. This project has been running for several years and has been able to help children to excel in their studies as evidenced by their school awards.

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North India Tutoring Centers

Working with the children in the slums of a major North India city, our goal is to give them the tools they need to continue through the education system and graduate. Once they have graduated they are able to get a good-paying job and move themselves and their families out of the slums. At this project we also supply nutritious snacks each day and help the children with their homework. This is a place where the children know they can get the help they need to pass each grade. In this city we have two tutoring centers, serving a total of 80-90 children per day.

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