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Our work in India is sometimes overwhelming but we are making a difference for those we work with.

India is a country of 1.3 Billion people. Economic growth is very high yet 40% of the population lives on less than 2 dollars a day. Many of the people living below this threshold live in deplorable conditions and are subjected to oppression and dehumanization, and the young girls often end up as human trafficking statistics. India's laws permit all to get an education, but many of the government schools are lacking in resources and as a result children often do not get the help they require to do well or even to pass the grades.  Each of our project directors work with the families of the children they serve to help the families understand the value of an education and their children to learn a different way of life that includes discipline, morals, literacy and HOPE for their future.

According to Joseph D'Sousa's Book "Dalit Freedom, Now and Forever", "oppression and dehumanization is a symptom of the problem of the caste system." The caste system leaves the slum dwellers (or Dalits) with few rights and freedoms. Lack of access to education and finances, and even basic human needs such as nutrition, water and healthcare, have left many of the Dalits in desperate situations, through no fault of their own.

Hope Restored International is committed to helping to free those who live in poverty, from oppression and dehumanization, through helping them to help themselves with education, medical assistance, food, clothing, and sometimes financial assistance. With these tools, people are able to move out from under the thumb of oppression and become alive to the world around them. Meaningful and profitable businesses and/or employment becomes a possibility and reality for many as they take their families out of subsistence living and into a life with hope for the future. We are working with indigenous partners who have decades of experience in designing and providing programs that truly bring hope to the hopeless through education. As a part of our education initiative, a nutritious snack every day is being provided to the students and this may be the only food they receive that day.

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