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Two tutoring centers in the North India.

We are currently running two tutoring centers in the North part of India. Everyday children from nearby slums are encouraged to attend the centers to receive help with their sometimes daunting homework. Parents are mostly illiterate so are unable to help in that task. Many of the children we serve return day after day to receive the help they need and over the last couple of years we are seeing a marked improvement with the children's school marks. Due to these improved marks more of the children are staying in school and we continue to work with them year after year.

In the 2016-2017 school year we had 65 students on average each day in our centers. Of those 65 students 55 of them passed into the next grade level at the end of the school year. That is a very impressive 85%, and the credit must be given to those that are working diligently each day to help these marginalized children.

Below are a few pictures of one of the locations.

Hope Restored International
3408 15 Sunset Square,
Cochrane, Alberta
Canadian Charity #819880451RR0001

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