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Two tutoring centers along the East Coast.

Two tutoring centers close to the West Coast.

Working with those that are marginalized and oppressed brings with it special challenges. We keep some locations and project descriptions to a minimum due to these challenges. We will however relay to you a success story form a past year:

At the beginning of the school year a dear young girls father passed away. What a devastating blow to the family. She was distraught and could not attend school, but the staff at our tutoring center would not give up. Education is so important for the next generation. With God they helped her through her grief and continued to encourage her to go back to school. She did return and also received help from our tutoring center. With that help and encouragement she received 2 achievement awards near the end of the school year.

Without your help this young girl would have lost her education and who knows what her future would have been like. This is just one story of what your generous support does for the children we work with.


Hope Restored International
3408 15 Sunset Square,
Cochrane, Alberta
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